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Service Description

DJ and MC

For all the events we do, best cialis our clients gets a professional DJ and a professional MC, viagra sales all courtesy of the company. The MC is included in all events at no extra charge. Our DJ’s and MC’s know how to work the crowd and keep people on the dance floor. By the end of the night, your guests will be dancing as they leave the party! No profane language is used either by the DJ or in the music selection (even if the client ok’s the usage). We pride ourselves in the professionalism we present ourselves in. Our DJ are dressed appropriately for the event, no jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers.

No Packages

At DJI Entertainment we do not offer packages. A lot of DJ companies DO offer packages, however we have noticed that the only differences in their package pricing is usually an addition of one or two equipment. We feel our clients should not be charged extra for equipment that they should already be given. And if extra equipment is requested and it is within reason, we will not charge extra for it. All equipment we will provide for your event will depend on the size of your venue and wedding party. And all of that will be discussed during the free consultation.

Sound and Lighting Equipment

Once the client and the DJ has met and discussed details of the wedding pertaining to the music, the DJ will let recommend the amount of sound and lighting he thinks will be needed for the particular client.

The DJ uses the latest equipment, this includes turntables and lighting. A CD player is available if the client has a particular song or disc that they may want to provide for the DJ to play if he does not have it himself. But the DJ will be doing all the music he plays on the turntables. Below is a sample of some of the equipment the DJ uses to perform his services.


We understand that when planning a wedding things are subject to change a hundred times before anything is finalized. Our clients are able to reach us through email or telephone at any time. A week before your wedding, a finalized meeting will be set up to make sure that all music and wedding events relevant to our services will be discussed. If more then one consultation may be needed, that can be provided with enough notice in advance.

Our Wedding Rates

DJI Entertainment understands the importance of this day, and we believe in making it as easy and stress free for you as possible. DJI Entertainment offers you quality sound and lighting all for one flat rate. We do not offer multiple price packages that can be confusing or charge you more for items you do not need.
The quality of a DJ service does not depend on the rate they are charging, but is about the passion they have for entertaining and the art of the business. We provide our own equipment, lighting, and real turntables which makes our prices affordable. We do not simply push play and charge you $700 for our services. We believe that your satisfaction from our service is much more important than what we can profit from the event.
Below is a pricing chart for weddings. Rates for other events differ from wedding rates.

Hours Price Make Payment Make Deposit

Add $50 if you need lighting for your event.

DJI Entertainment has received its credibility because of the diverse selection of music we offer. We stay current with the Top 40 hits, which consist of Hip Hop (Rap), R&B, Reggae, and Pop. We can provide you with any music genre, unless it is specific cultural music you want. If this is the case you can provide the music and we will be more than happy to play it.
Written Event/Music Planner or music request list must be received by DJI Entertainment at least two weeks prior to the date of performance in order to be included in the programming guidelines. This planner will be emailed to the client once a contract has been signed and a deposit has been made. With or without the aid of an Event/Music Planner DJI Entertainment  shall attempt to play Purchaser’s and  guest music requests, but shall not be held responsible if certain selections are unavailable. DJI Entertainment can not guarantee that all requested songs will be available after receiving written Event/Music Planner.
As part of our company policy, no profanity is played in the music. All of our versions are clean versions, and even if the client ok’s the usage of profanity, we will not play it.

Here is an example of how each event at your wedding can be coordinated. The exact order of events will be finalized during the pre-planning stages of your wedding reception:

  • Newlywed Entrance will be performed with music of your choice. Each person in your wedding party is introduced.
  • Toasting the Bride and Groom: Your Best Man/Maid of Honor will be introduced and given the chance to say kind words to the newlyweds.
  • First dance as husband and wife: The newlyweds are welcomed onto the dance floor to have their first dance.
  • Your wedding party will join you on the dance floor for the next song specially chosen by you for this dance.
  • Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance: The Bride’s Father and Groom’s Mother will be asked to join them on the dance floor for this emotionally packed moment.
  • The Money Dance:  DJ will coordinate this dance and play a few songs to dance to so your guests have the opportunity to dance with you.
  • Cake cutting will be performed with all of your friends and family around you. MC will make sure this is done in a “tasteful way”.
  • Bouquet and Garter toss: DJ will play appropriate music while highlighting this event with fun and humor.

Below is a sample list of the different genres of music we have in our database. If you are looking for a specific song you want played at your wedding and we don’t have access to it, you are more than welcome to provide it to us and we’ll play it.

Hip-Hop – R&B – Old school  – Salsa – Merengue – Reggae – Motown – Funk – Jazz  – Disco – Classic Rock – Pop – Dance – House – Dinner Music – Gospel

Sample Mixes