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We will provide all the music you are looking for unless you have decided to provide your own music.  We will work out a detail summary for all your music preparations.  Your music can be a mixture of Gospel and Jazz music selection.  We can work out music selections that are not offensive and perfect for your holy occasion.  We also provide instrumentals to songs without the lyrics to create a vibe without crossing the line.  You can also request a gospel mix like the one offered on this website.  Don’t pass up an opportunity for services that are not common in today’s marketplace we do not exclude all genres of music, sildenafil but we are careful on what we choose to play and make sure that all music that is played are radio/clean versions.

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DJI ENTERTAINMENT specializes in providing music entertainment throughout the entirety of your event. Whether your event is 30 minutes or 5 hours, you are guaranteed continuous service from the beginning to the end. Here at DJI Entertainment we take pride in our work and our business is built on word of mouth and referrals from past clients who recommend us to their friends and family.
A written Event/Music Planner or music request list must be received by at least two weeks prior to the date of performance in order to be included in the programming guidelines. This planner will be emailed to the client once a contract has been signed and a deposit has been made. With or without the aid of an event/music planner or music request listed, DJ Impact shall attempt to play Purchaser’s and Purchaser’s guests’ music requests, but shall not be held responsible if certain selections are unavailable. DJI Entertainment will make an extra effort to have music requests available if they are received by DJI Entertainment in writing at least two weeks prior to Performance. Before any plans are finalized, (if possible) we would personally like to meet with you and discuss your expectations for your special event. Though we have a basic pricing plan, certain occasions such as weddings may require additional charges.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at (888)649-9464.